I have been a part of the art world for 35 years.  When my daughter was 2 years old I walked into the best gallery in Boulder and started my career in the arts. Shortly thereafter I became the director and stayed with them for 18 years.  My next stop was interior design 2000-2005...this lead me to my own business - Trudi Horowitz Interior Art Design, helping clients balance art with their interiors..


From 2005-2008 I found myself traveling with my parrot Robin to assist at a gallery in Key West Florida for 4 months during their season.  

When I returned home to continue my business I decided to work with a partner - and for 9 years Susan and I created Art Movement Colorado together during the downturn of the economy in 2009. We worked with a developer who allowed us to line his condominiums and hallways with artwork and brought clients to see the art - helping artists to keep their art visible during a difficult time.  


In 2017 we started a non profit called ART.  Helping students and artists transition from academia to the real world - We were given an amazing space by our angel known as Andy Bush to show art - and - 

put together shows that are spectacular.  Our first show was called ICON - and we had over 500 people attend this event and published a book of

135 ICONS who made a difference in Boulder.  

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Currently I am an Associate Broker for Remax Alliance on Walnut -Becoming a Real Estate Broker has given me the opportunity to add to my portfolio and offer not only Art & Design, but finding the perfect space for you to live...understanding your needs, style and dreams while assisting you with your needs too!! 

Trudi Horowitz

TH Art Consulting 



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