Janet Mueller


I express my inner emotions by creating art. My work consists of abstract paintings, sculptures and constructions. I use the creative process to work through worldly issues or conflicts in my head. Other times I simply escape into a playground of colors and shapes.

The paintings are abstract images on canvas created with loud, bold strokes. Some pieces are illustrations of the title. Though the images appear to be simple, they are often times filled with personal symbolism and hidden messages.


The sculptures are figurative, made from clay, found objects and varnished tree debris. While on the street, I would see a torso, an arm or the back of a head in an old board or debris fallen from a tree and be driven to construct the figure. The sculptures seem to come to me rather than the other way around. Some sculptures hang from the ceiling via mono filament; others are freestanding.

Conceptual work utilizes metaphors, double imagery or a play on words to relay messages. Creating art with content gives me the greatest satisfaction.


Whether I am creating a painting or a sculpture, abstract or realism, I strive to capture the essence of an idea and present it, uncluttered. I enjoy exploring many different art forms; the constant element is simplicity."



Janet Margaret Mueller was born in Champaign, IL. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, College of Commerce from the University of Illinois, 1975. From 1977 to 1984, Janet was a graphic designer and illustrator, as well as a producer of advertisements in TV and print. She was nominated for 30 awards for creativity during those years, winning 11, including a Best of Show for the University of Illinois. 


In 1993, Janet M Mueller moved to Key West, Florida. She has had 12 solo exhibits and participated in numerous group shows in Key West, Miami, New York City, Chicago and Lexington, KY. In 2001 she was invited to show her collection of paintings in Rome, Italy at the Centro per L'Assistenza Sociale e Culturale.


In December 2008, Janet Mueller moved to Miami Beach, FL. She was chosen to paint a 90 foot wall in the courtyard of R House, a gallery/restaurant in Wynwood, Miami’s Art District in 2013.


In 2015, Janet's work was accepted in a juried exhibition at The Painting Center in Chelsea, New York City. Her work is included in their Artist's Registry and in Art File. An exhibition was scheduled from July 18 to August 12, 2017 at The Painting Center in New York.  

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