Josh Pass


Growing up in the southwest, vast open spaces, indigenous art and dramatic plane changes have all shaped my expression of line, form and space. To create my sculpture I draw inspiration from architecture, relationships, native cultures and nature.  Emerging out of the machining trade I earned a BFA in fine art and have been working as an artisan since 2007.  


Architecture inspires me because it is the way in which knowledge, wealth and great accomplishments of past and present civilizations are marked and evaluated.  Relationships create tension, whether it is positive or negative between people, actions or objects, this is what feeds my art.  The results are simple and bold pieces that narrate dynamics that I see within our world.


Each piece carries a message of seeking balance within our selves, one another, and with our environment. Incorporating art into life, and life into art, are my goals and I am driven to pursue them as far as I can. 

TH Art Consulting


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